This year Raya is gonna special to me and my partner. It’s our third Raya together as a couple. I come from a Super duper sporting and open minded BIG Malay family while my partner come from a traditional Taiwanese Chinese family.

Me and my partner has been together for close to 4 years and our age gap is 12 years apart thus he and my parents age gap with him isn’t that far. 3 years ago when I introduced him to my whole family of 8, my mum likes him a lot and even ask him to call her “Mak Cik” instead of Sister(Mum younger bro is younger than my partner) Since then on every Hari Raya eve my mum will specially cooks Chicken Rendang(Partner don’t eat beef) for him and ask me to bring it over to his place on Raya eve and spend time together.(I wrote a post about my mum during Hari Raya 2 years ago)

Dad on the other hand shows love in a different kind. Well, me and my partner travels a lot during our free time. Dad works as a driver, there was a time where my dad makes an effort to find out about our trip and our flight arrival time where he will wait for us at the airport to welcome and send us home!!

Mum always reminds me that “if you love someone love doesn’t see any age,gender or race. I’m always happy for you no matter who you are or who you love.”
Well this year Raya will definetely be a memorable one coz my parents insistently requested me to invite my partner home to break fast together on the eve of Raya! My partner was initially shy about the whole idea but well since it’s his “in laws” request, he can’t turn them down mah.

Despite my parents not being educated and rich ,I feel blessed to have them and I’m thankful that they accepted me and my partner! I love you Mak & Bapak!
To end it off, here’s wishing all my Muslim LGBT mates a SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!

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