For all of you to take note: The new driving rules are in force from 1st July. Remember not to touch your mobile devices while driving, not even at traffic lights.

First-time offenders can be fined up to Sgd$1,000 and/or jailed for up to six months. Repeat offenders get up to double the penalty.

Anyone caught using any function of his mobile device and holding it while driving could be found guilty of committing an offence, under proposed changes to improve road safety in Singapore.

This includes not just communicating with someone else via calls or texts, which are offences under existing law, but also surfing the internet, visiting social media platforms and downloading videos.

(Traceable with timelock)

The new rules would apply not just to phones but also all mobile communication devices, such as iPads, under the broadened Road Traffic Act.
Important to drivers:- New pricing from Traffic Police (Price increase without further notice).

Speeding :
Exceeding 01 – 20km/h = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 21 – 30km/h = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 31 – 40km/h = $180 Fine + 8 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 41 – 50km/h = more than $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding 51 – 60km/h = more than $200 Fine + 18 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding More Than 61km/h = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court.

Driving Offences:

Failing to Put On Seat Belt = $120 Fine + 3 Demerit points
Crossing Double White Lines = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points
Careless Driving = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points
Inconsiderate Driving! = $170 Fine + 9 Demerit Points
Court Dangerous Driving = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court + Vehicle Compounded
Illegal Racing = more than $200 Fine + Vehicle Confiscate + Court
Mobile Phones : Phone/Text & Drive = $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Phone Confiscated. You cannot hold your phone in your hand when you drive, even with loud speaker and/or ear piece
Drink Driving : For First Offence = Up to $5,000 Fine and/or Jail Term + License Suspended + Court, For Second Offence = Jail Term + Fine + License Suspended + Court
Making an illegal U-Turn when no U-Turn sign = $70 Fine &nbs
Driving after 7pm without headlights or taillights = $30 Fine
No number plate = $70 Fine
Obstructed or obscured number plate = $70 Fine
Number plate of unapproved type = $70 Fine.

Share to those who drive!! drive carefully!

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