To all my friends, please avoid this clinic and this Doctor Teh Kin Chiang.

My father who has been seeing this Doctor for past few months was not given proper diagnosis for his leg pain.

He merely gave pain relief injection to my dad for his leg pain problem, without any intentions to find out the root causes.

After more than 10 injections, my dad leg pain problem still persist. On his last visit to this Doctor Teh, my dad requested the doctor to write him a referral letter to refer him to government clinic.

This unscrupulous doctor reject this request with no reason given and told my dad he just need to continue with this injection or he can chose to have his blood tested for $180.

Why can’t a doctor write a referral letter for his patient to government clinic? Why only insist on giving injection to relief the pain?

After visiting polyclinic, it was then confirm that my dad problem is due to gout and pain killer injectors will not cure the cause.

My dear friends, please take note of this Doctor and advice your friends/relatives not to visit this clinic if possible.

This Doctor is practicing at an old estate, with alot of uneducated old people.

I cannot allow this Doctor to take advantage of old folks and carry on with his type of practice.

I will be writing to Singapore Medical Council and Ministry of health to file a complaint against this Doctor officially.

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