Hi everyone, I am Velvet.

I’m from Singapore and currently studying in Goldsmiths, University of London. I am studying BSc (Hons) Psychology with Management and am about to approach my third year of studies.

So far, my mother has been the only unwavering soul in my family giving her support financially to the best of her abilities for the past two years in funding my tuition fees and rent fees. However, this last year, we have hit a roadblock. It is getting harder and the both of us are getting to our wits end in our ability to obtain the full amount for my tuition fees.

That is why I am sincerely asking for your help in funding my tuition fees for this important last year.

Utilisation of Fees

My tuition fees for this year are £16280. I am raising £16000 in total. This includes:

Part of Tuition Fees: £15200
Indiegogo Platform Fees (5%): £800

I have chosen to use the flexible funding campaign because every little bit counts, and would help a long way in helping to fund my tuition! This means that at the end of 60 days, I will receive whatever amount has been raised, even if I don’t reach my goal.

London has improved me in ways that I never would have imagined.

Over the past two years, I have been actively carving a life out for myself in London. Academically, I have been doing well thus far and am currently running two psychology studies at the same time, one for my third year dissertation project, and the other with the aim to publish. Both studies are geared towards my research interest of dark personalities and look at the different facets of psychometric measurement and relationships with traits. Being able to pursue my research interests in Goldsmiths has motivated me to really engage with my tutors and lecturers academically and I have been enriched under the tutelage of experts of the various psychology disciplines! An example of what I’ve achieved was a valuable opportunity to present a second year project I’ve done at the Graduate Festival, in order to gain precious experience.

Outside of academia, I’ve been fervently doing various activities. Mainly, I’ve founded the Chess Society alongside a dear friend of mine, in order to provide an official safe space for Goldsmiths chess players to come together and have rounds of challenging games. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be the student of an excellent Kungfu coach who has been understanding about my financial situation and lets me take martial arts classes for free. I’ve directed an opera, I’ve become streetwise, I’ve learnt to cook well, I’ve learnt to stand on my own two feet. Living here has made me a better person, it’s made me be able to breathe a little bit easier.

Furthermore, I’ve also been a part time events waitress with a great catering company, who has entrusted me with responsibilities that I seriously handle. With the limited hours I can work as part of my visa conditions, and due to the time I need to devote to maintain my studies, I can only earn that which roughly covers basic living expenses and bills. My housemates have been extremely supportive and helping me when they can, and I really appreciate them for it. A bit of extra allowance have mostly been earned through buying and selling of books that I find to be unwanted by the library and through doing psychology experiments. I have been really going all out this year to obtain more funds, but it has only been achieved in small degrees.

Please help me finish my degree!

These two years have been some of the happiest periods of my life, and I really hope to give it a good ending by finishing my studies here. Money shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to receiving the best customised education that would improve oneself, but unfortunately in reality it is a huge factor and coming from a lower income family background, I get frustrated that I can’t do as much as I would like to improve the situation, no matter how much my mother or I try. Something always has to be compromised and I really don’t want my studies to be affected by working too much. I also don’t want to cause my mother to be overworked because of me, because she is practically all that’s left of what I deem as my close family.

This is why I am asking for your help. I really hope that you could contribute a little to let me graduate with a full degree and in return, I promise to end with at least a second upper class honours, but the target is a first class honours. I do intend to obtain a scholarship for future masters and doctorate, but if not I happily will obtain a job in either business consulting, finance or academia, wherever I am given an opportunity in the immediate future.

I’ve included some perks that you get in return when you choose to donate! I really don’t have much to offer, but each gift I send you does truly come from the heart and was done with a grateful soul. I thank you in advance for your kind contributions, and or even taking the time to read this plea.

With the money that I receive here, my mother has a lesser burden on her tired shoulders and she can focus more on helping to pay for my rent each month without the looming cloud of tuition fees over her head. I wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to finish my degree as well and I can focus on my studies much more intensely! We both will be more mentally relieved with your support, friends.

Every dollar/pound counts, and every share of this page matters.

What if this goal is not reached?

Whatever amount has been raised will still be received, and help to reduce the amount that we have to raise for my tuition fees over the next three months. But even then, what is my Plan B then if I still can’t raise the full amount?

1. Talk to the school and see if it is possible to pay in monthly amounts, or owe them the school fees till I can get a job and pay it back after.

2. Work to the limit of my hours and really push myself hard to pay off all the outstanding bills of tuition fees, rent and bills over the year and juggle my academics at the same time.

3. Contact my estranged family relations and ask for a loan. Currently, I am not in any contact with one side of my family, simply due to conflicts.

4. As a last resort, I would have to pull out of school temporarily and go back to Singapore to work for a while to earn the money that is still needed. Furthermore, I would need to break my rent contract that I currently signed for till next August, in the hopes that I would not have trouble staying on.

A huge thank you.

Thank you so much for everything, for those who have supported me thus far and for those who will continue supporting me. I really, really appreciate those who have come into my life and enriched me, and I hope that you understand the need I have to stay in London to finish what I started here 2 years ago.

Do spread the word and let’s work together to ensure that I can finish my degree!

Love, Velvet.

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