I am writing to you regarding your article “‘Refund Guru’ seeks redress for buyers” published 3rd July 2016.

Your article indicates that Ms Arissa Hee had found out about Solutionalization through a Google Search and had found Mr Kong to be more approachable and efficient.

I would like to raise questions regarding the authenticity and quality of this information.
Arissa Hee is Lorenn Arissa Seoh Hee Jin, Joel Kong’s legal wife since October 2013 based on a search with the Registry Of Marriages Singapore. I am attaching a screenshot of this search to support my claim. Alternatively, this may also be verified on the ROM marriage check site with Joel’s IC number – S8507188B.

It is not only unethical but appalling that this ‘vigilante’ has to hide a basic truth about its customers. Straits Times should not condone and endorse organizations that has such discrepancies in their claims. It is clear that Joel Kong has calculated and premeditated intentions to mislead consumers and boost his credibility.

While we appreciate that Straits Times offers quality features in its consumers’ best interests, it is crucial that Straits Times conducts proper background checks before posting such articles.
Such is to ensure accuracy, reliability and accountability to readers.

Most importantly, Straits Times, the leading news agency in Singapore is known to be most reputable and should continue to safeguard its reputation for reporting accurate news.

I would greatly appreciate if Straits Times shares with me its stance on this matter.
Thank you.

Chase Tan
A.S.S Contributor

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