This vehicle no (Jason car- I bet those people who sit his car before will know this car no) SGA4111Z is under Lee Aa Nia (Jason mother), first guarantor is (Jason bro) Soon Jian Yuan and second guarantor is my friend mum, Jason mum n his bro got no money to pay up so they decided to declare bankruptcy but because my poor friend mum she’s a PR if she Kenna bankruptcy she will be send back to Malaysia! Because of this irresponsible people (Jason and his family member) my friend mum was force to pay up this sum of money to swee Heng! Becos my friend mum paid these amount of money Jason mum n his bro was saved being bankruptcy!

And this jerk promise to pay back $200 to my friend mum monthly but till date it has been 2 years plus not even a single cent he return her! tried calling cannot get him le.. called his dad then, his answer is he is not in singapore. He go work.. His dad claim that he is working with this tour company as tour guide earn very little….

But yet he got the cheek to lead a high life style now! Can visit oyster buffet eat dinner, open bottle like corden blue Martel and keep going clubbing but don’t even pay a single cent back! What is this shit!

My friend mum helped him at his hardest time now got money don’t want to return! What a joke! JASON SOON u better return all the money u have owed my friend mum!

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