The article “Citi Singapore’s next boss ‘could be Singaporean'” was published in Nov 24 2015, before the 2016 election probably to give a green picture that Singaporeans are in good position.

But after the 2016 election result, what happened now? Another Indian to run the top position in Citi Singapore???!!!

(1) Why can’t Singaporean run Citi Singapore whereas in other countries the people can?
Quoted from the article: “We have an Indian running India, a Korean running Korea, an Indonesian running Indonesia… There’s no reason why a Singaporean couldn’t run Singapore,” he said.

(2) The new Chief Country Officer (CCO) came from no where, most Citi staffs doesn’t even know who he is!!! Another Indian to run the top position in Citi Singapore. Isn’t it obvious that Indian favour their own country people (there are a lot of Indians holding top management position in HQ)???

(3) Our government has do it again, favour FTs!!!

(4) There are growing frustration from many Singaporeans in Citi Singapore. A lot of people wanted to get out but unfortunately our government favour FT, where can they go? There are so many Indians in other banks too!

(5) We know for sure our government will not ask much questions to the new CCO and just grant him employment pass. And after he officially on board, we know what will happen, he’ll bring in more Indians to kick the Singaporean out!!!

There is no future in Singapore for Singaporean. What can we do to let the government hear us???

A.S.S. Contributor

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