The comments made by M Na’im Sahib Marican are wrong. I condemn them in the strongest possible terms.

But let me say that the family of M Na’im Sahib Marican has written to All Singapore Stuff when the article was first published stating that he is “in a [serious] state of mental psychosis and is seeking psychological treatment at the IMH” and request their assistance to take down the article. An email has also been sent to The Independent – Singapore seeking their assistance to take down the photo with MP Tan Chuan Jin that includes the photo of a minor.

Before we jump to our own [righteous] conclusions, shall we take a step back and understand the emotional roller coaster that the family members of M Na’im Sahib Marican is currently going through. It is not easy to deal with a mentally ill patient in your family and having to address matters regarding the law all at the same time.

What M Na’im Sahib Marican needs at this moment is medical treatment. He is presently receiving it.

Written with permission from his family member, whom I happened to know as a good friend.

Chen Jiaxi Bernard
A.S.S. Contributor

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