Something is rotten at KLIA.

Please refer to a complaint by Dr Kho Wee Ming who boarded a flight on Sunday
from KL back to Kuching. He was a little delayed but he had already checked
in online with no baggage.

At the point of getting into the aircraft he was told he had already boarded
that perplexed him. Imagine when he went into the aircraft someone was
sitting at his designated seat. Little did he know that the person had a
printed boarding pass issued by MALAYSIA airlines with his actual name on it
and worse that person had checked in 2 pieces of luggage in his name.

When that person possibly a Chinese national was asked for identification he
just walked out of the aircraft and disappeared.

The crew including the pilot said they would investigate.

Imagine a flight taking off with one passenger disembarking with 2 pieces of
luggage in the plane using some other persons name?

On arrival he made a police report and when he was asked to claim his luggage
one day later he refused and lodged another police report without claiming
the 2 packages. That was the right thing to do.

Malaysia airlines and I hope more importantly MALAYSIA Airport investigate as
this is a serious breach of security without tons of questions and possibly
infringing on a corrupt and dangerous issue of human trafficking implicating
the check in staff, security personnel and even immigration if this involved
a Chinese national who managed to deceive everyone until boarding when he was
found out.

Imagine someone stealing your identity? The possibilities are endless and the
consequences life changing.

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