On the 6th June at around 8 in the morning, I went to KKH to get myself admitted for the scheduled operation as I was diagnosed with adenomyosis. While prepping for surgery, anesthetic male doctor Dr Sadhana arrived to insert the IV plug. I already complained to him while he was inserting it on my left hand, I was in great pain. However, he did not stop. Shortly after general anesthetic doctor Dr Ramesh put the mask on, I went unconscious.

At 5:30pm that day, I woke up. My left hand was swollen and i noticed that the IV plug was missing and there was a plaster instead. I was giddy and vomiting however I was still in pain and I assumed that it was going to be normal. After I got discharged on the 9th of June, I noticed that my arm was still swollen and it turned blue black. I couldn’t touch it and it only got worse however, I was only hopeful that it would become better.

23 June, I had an appointment for a follow up on my surgery. I spoke to Dr Michelle Lim about my discomfort on my whole left arm from the day of surgery up to that point in time. The first question she asked me was whether my parents are easily bruised when inserting IV plugs or drawing blood. My reply to her was no. I explained to her firmly that this had nothing to do with genetics and that I was bruised badly because of the IV plus inserted by Dr Sadhana. Dr Lim then told me to have a seat outside while she consulted Dr Liu my gynae. Shortly after she called me in for a scan and told me to hold on for the report. Even during the scanning, I was in more pain and the scanning lasted for 30 mins. Dr Lim mentioned that she discussed with another doctor Dr Fortier Marielle Valerie. She explained to me that my left hand is thrombosed throughtout the forearm to the upper arm. No medications were given, she only told to compress with ice. She scheduled a follow up on the 8th July to rescan my arm. Also, I was charged for the scan which was not even my fault!

I am unable to carry out my daily routines because of an IV plug which was inserted even when I said I was in pain. Up to this point, nothing has gotten better and I am still struggling. Even something simple like carrying a loaf of bread in a plastic bag hung around my forearm, I can’t do that! How am i supposed to return to work? How will the hospital compensate for putting me in a very disadvantageous position? And how could they actually charge me for a scan even when it was not my fault at all?

A.S.S. Contributor

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