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I would like to have my story share for others to know and be careful of the unexpected when buying new stuff for their house.

I had brought a REEBOK ZR11 treadmill from AIBI International Pte Ltd JEM branch. We requested a new set upon purchase, but was sent with a display set. Another set of exchange was done immediately within the next few days. Upon receiving the new set, we were very happy and accepted their apology and their reason given was their warehouse had an miscommunication on the delivery goods.

I started using the treadmill 2 days later but to my surprises. I found a cockroach near my shoes which I’ve placed on the treadmill after finished jogging for 30-60 min. Subsequently more were found and in total, I killed 8 adult cockroaches in 3 days around the treadmill and my air-con in that particular room we make it as our fitness room. Now which is a month later, my husband killed 10 baby cockroaches in the past few days wee morning. Till today which 1 week already we had killed countless baby cockroaches.

(Backtrack to 5 weeks ago) When their Marketing Director, Pauline with several managers came to our 1 year old flat to verify/ inspect the cleanliness as they have doubt that it was impossible of their goods to be infested with cockroaches over the phone. Even at one point she emphasized that 3 adult cockroaches was from air con, But pictures (cause they had their china delivery guys to came and cleared up the day before they come) and the hatched eggs stained on their equipment had left them dumbfounded. She than tried to persuade us to accept another newer model without paying extra, but we declined flatly. She kept asking us what the reason for not accepting. We replied we had no confident in Aibi’s products anymore. Eventually she said out of goodwill, Aibi will pay for the servicing of my air-con and pest control if any for that room. my husband was very mad at her comments of OUT OF GOODWILL as in the first place we did not ask them to send cockroaches with our purchase. Hence we mentioned we will pay the air con servicing our self.

AIBI International Pte Ltd had refunded me the treadmill cost of S$3000 after that. However, that doesn’t stop our nightmare. We have seek several pest controls advise before engaging their service. But all told us that it not 100% cleared out as the eggs protective case is unaffected by the insecticide.

I spent S$3000 to bring troubles to myself, and when seeking AIBI International Pte Ltd for compensation, the Customer Service Executives keep telling us next few days they will get back to us. But end up is we being calling them instead. We find it hopeless as they getting more and more aggressive tone with us as if we are the one at fault.
please see below my invoice and photos of the cockroach Eggs in the machine and baby cockroaches.

For the past whole week, once we open our eyes/ reached home after long day of work, we have to search around our flat to look out for cockroaches. this is really hell for us. We seriously don’t know when all those shit will end. we had our new BTO flat for only 1 year.

Who can help us? Who can compensate our losses, our mental stress?(my husband is an taxi driver and spend several nights and days to wake up to killed cockroaches, which lead to loss of income as he is unable to drive due to lack of sleep).

June Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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