A resident has encountered recurring problems with her floor tiles in her Housing Development Board (HDB) flat. The tiles, which seem to stained by chemicals, cannot be cleaned of stains despite how many times the resident cleans the area.

Despite several attempts by HDB contractors to rectify the problem, the tile problem remained.

But the worse was yet to come. The previous attempt by HDB and their contractors to resolve the problem left a gigantic mess and damaged furniture in the flat.

According to the resident, a HDB officer and his contractors came down to the flat and told her that they would replace the tiles to solve the problem. They told her that the work would only require minimal hacking so there would be not so much dust and would only take a few hours.

Unfortunately, the resident was in for a rude shock. The hacking of tiles generated so much dust that entire house became caked with dust. Bedrooms, kitchen items, food and her newly bought sofa were now damaged by dust particles which have been difficult to remove.

When asked what she wanted HDB to do for her, she said: “I demand a compensation from HDB to get this rectified and my whole house thoroughly clean BY A PROFESSIONAL cleaning agency!!”

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