Rubbish uncleared, lift management lapses, billions parked in our banks that incredibly no one seems to know about, ridiculous justification for increasing carpark fees, increasing utilities cost when the economy is tanking and times are getting hard, splashes of so-called monetary gifts to lull the public when its just mere tokenism offsetting to benefit privatized profit-driven public services.

Share-holders interest gets prioritized at tax-payers expanses. This is the outcome of a greed driven system out of control where there is no check and balances in the interest of the public. They preach meritocracy to validate the appointments of paper-smart cronies with zero industry experience, in truth, its merito-crazy.

One day, yes one day, the rooster will surely come home to roost. The people will boot out these leaders who serves only themselves and their rich friends. As the malay saying goes ‘Orang Brengsek!!!’

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