Dear Editors,

It happened few weeks ago when I was getting some stuffs at Nex and I was in a rush to head over to the taxi stand because my mum was coming to pick me up and people that shopped at Nex should know how horrible the cars at taxi stand is. Queue was long, everyone was always honking at each other so I had to reach before my mum arrive.

I was walking pretty quickly to the exit near Charles and Keith (opp Premier Dead Sea booth #B1-53) and their salesman approached me so I just shook my head and smile trying to be polite then he started blocking my way telling me that I have to take his sample to make his job easier so I thought “nah, lies. if i took it he confirm ask me buy things” then I told him I’m in a rush and tried walking away.

Then he said “please, just help me take 1.. You in a rush right, just help me please. Take alr then I won’t bother you” and so i reached for the sachet of sample (fyi, I dont use skincares so samples are useless to me. I took it not because i want free stuffs. Just to clarify), he quickly put this big lump of sea salt on my arm telling me that if I want to wash it off, I would have to follow him back to the booth.

I WAS STUNNED!! WHAT IS THIS???? ARE THEY EVEN ALLOW TO DO THINGS LIKE THAT?! So I told him off furiously saying that I am really in a rush and my mum is waiting for me outside and he’s like “Oh? Your mum’s outside? Okok wash your arm here. But no samples for you, bye.”

RAGE X1000000 what kind of salesman is that??? So people, please, NEVER NEVER entertain their bullshits no matter what.

A.S.S. Contributor

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