I used to have a lot of friend in school

but mainly is because they need my help in project and assignment.

After I grad from poly, the number of friends I have diminish. My past poly friends a lot like no longer want to have contact with me.

Sometimes they only say “hi” to me when they saw me on the street. When I ask some of them out, all either say busy, or never reply anymore, yet I saw them always went out on instagram.

did I outlive my usefulness?

Jin emo, I try to be nice and kind at all mean, I realise this attribute is not important when it come to friends

anyone experience it before?

I am willing to share more if you guys want to know more

– I am a nerd
– I am a geek
– No girlfriend
– like to listen to jay chow song
– usually I speak Chinese than English
– Like to watch movie, very excited about new movie release
– I am very budget, usually I buy thing on sales and promotion only

I tot my social life flourish in my poly days, yet I realise it gone with wind, after my “clique” start to “grow up”.

I also didn’t manage to make any close friend in uni

not I not close with neither poly nor uni friends

I was from ITE

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