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I’m not sure if this is the correct platform, but I’d hope to spread awareness to all females staying near Yishun Chong Pang. Please beware of a Chinese man (By his looks, he seems like a PRC), around his mid 20s, with rather curly/wavy hair, very thick rosebud-like lips, and is usually seen carrying a big red plastic bag filled with tissues. At first he will approach you and ask if you’re waiting for anyone, he will also ask if he can ask a few questions and tell you “not to take this the wrong way”.

The questions that he will ask are “Do you think it’s acceptable for me to dress like a female?” and will claim that if his mother doesn’t get at least 50 women to approve him to be transgender, he cannot be one. Once you hear this question, leave immediately, if not, things will get worse.

He will also show you either a dress or skirt and ask for your approval. And then after that, he will show you female panties that he’s wearing. In the conversation, he will start to be more disgusting and ask even worse questions such as “Why do women like blowjobs?”, “Can I touch your chest?” and a lot more disgusting questions, and will also ask you to apply lipstick for him. Not only that, he will also masturbate himself (But in his female underwear), except he is rubbing himself in a circular motion as if it’s like from a pornographic videos.

He will also threaten you not to tell anyone, and he also makes up stories and tell you that “A girl told her friend, and the girl’s family died”. To make you feel scared.

He has recently been captured by the police but I still don’t feel safe here in Yishun anymore. From what I’ve been told, he’s already a repeated offender and was already caught before but he still decided to do such things again.

I didn’t dare to leave early in the conversation because I was terrified that he might try and harm me, I managed to leave when something really happened, which I dare not say as I fear as he’s mentally unstable and might try to hurt me or my family once he’s released, because you’ll never know what these type of people will do.

He preys on young females and is frequently seen in Yishun, it’s also my fault for not leaving earlier but I was really scared. I spoke to girls whom I know who stay near me and they also experienced the exact same thing, except I got worse as I didn’t leave earlier. Females living in Yishun, please be aware of him.

Disgusted Yishun Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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