Residents who had recently moved in to Keat Hong Mirage in Choa Chu kang could not believe their eyes when they saw tons of rubbish along their corridors and near the chute area.

Will this be the new normal?

Shitty Times managed to interview a few visibly irate residents who were pissed by the town council under Chairman and part time MP Zagy Mohamad.

Mr Chin T L: It was bloody hot in the afternoon and when I saw this while returning from the coffee shop, I thought it was a mirage. I cannot believe this is happening to a 3-month old estate. You know we bought the new PRC-made flats with hardly any discount from resale flats ….

Shitty reporter: Sorry, what do you mean by “hardly any discount”?

Mr Chin T L: The HDB always compares durians with mangoes and tells us it is heavily subsidised. But how can they compare a 110 sqm 5-room new flat with a 129 sqm resale flat? Or a 90 sqm 4-room new flat with a 107 sqm resale one? You tell me got subsidised a lot or not? When I pay so much for the flat, I expect the estate to be well managed.

Chin’s neighbour: I thought all the blocks will live up to what is stated on the town council website…. but I am really very disappointed. My block is sparkling .. but with litter. 

Blame the town council for raising residents’ expectations? 

However, a resident and supporter of Zagy came to the town council’s defence and tried to put things into perspective.

Mr Poh L P: Choa Chu Kang residents should count themselves lucky as this is not a big issue and should just move on.

Shitty reporter: Can you explain?

Mr Poh L P: Other new HDB estates are worse, like for example Compassvale under PAP MP Zapari recently experienced an unnatural phenomenon – a shitstorm….
BTO HDB Pipe Leakage 1

..and if that wasn’t bad enough, the interior of a flat was covered with the name of eh … sounds like your newspaper.

punggol bto hdb flat shit leaked..

Fast forward to last week, another resident had the same shitty experience in Punggol Waterway under the same TC Chairman. Now, you tell me isn’t Zagy managing our estate a million times better than Zapari in Pasir Ris?

Source: ASS

Mr Chong Kwok Ren: I am a new citizen and I feeling Sinkaporeans should not comprain too much about the small things like rubbish. This is not problem to me as my village it is like this all the time. This is OK.

Shitty reporter: Thank you for your time. We will publish your feedback and let Singaporeans decide if MPs should continue to manage HDB estates.

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