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I want to share a true encounter this morning about an incident which a taxi driver ripped me off an additional 90 cents( it’s just 90cents yes i know, but it’s the behaviour and integrity that digusts me).

Normally i would take a taxi in the morning along the roadside near my home and I’ll take a cab to my workplace at around 9.30am to avoid any peak hour charges (because i take cab daily, can save then save lor). But this morning i took a trans-cab and when i boarded, the meter was already running (fine probably a few secs away was what i thought) then i saw the mini screen, the trip started at 9.32am but on the meter, there was an extra charge of 90 cents.

So when i reached my destination, I asked the taxi uncle why is there additional 90cents charges, the uncle replied it was peak hour, but i replied the uncle that the trip started was 9.32am and when i boarded the cab, i did check my watch and handphone, it was also 9.32am so why is there extra peak hour charges ? The uncle replied that now the peak hour has changed to end at 10am. I know the uncle was trying to earn that extra 90cents so I told the uncle nevermind and requested for the receipt to be printed.

This is the main issue, to my surprise the receipt printed was 9.29am vs the mini screen start trip of 9.32am, there was a discrepancy of 3minutes, meaning to say the mini screen is not synced to the meter. I think this is a very serious system loophole that trans-cab have! How can the mini screen and the meter timing not be in sync ? The most disappointing news is that when i called the hotline to clarify on this matter, they can’t do anything and just apologise to me once they “investigated” by clarifying with the taxi uncle.

Hello, if that’s the case it’s only words against words right ? I told the hotline to check the start trip timing and they told me that I should follow the meter start trip timing, but how can i follow the meter start trip timing if it is not even stated on the meter itself(those old kind of meter only trans-cab have). Also if the mini-screen is not accurate then might as well don’t display right ?

I have forgotten to take a pic of the mini-screen if not I would have sent an email to trans-cab to ask them to investigate further but I guess i am on a losing side. The hotline also didn’t mention anything about the taxi uncle lying on the peak hour extended to 10am. Well considered myself unlucky for this time round and although the amount is very small, the thing that I’m upset about is the feeling of being cheated just for 90cents…. haizz….

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