PLS SHARE ..not just liking my post.. Everyone is looking for this food supplier for Ramadhan tingkat..full payment already made to her.

1st week all went smoothly. 2nd wk there was hiccups for 3 days (Wed to Fri 15 – 17 June 16)) she stopped the delivery due to NEA instruction and PROMISED to refund us back. Some recd and some yet to recd the money.

Business was resume back the following 3rd week (20 -24 June 16).

But last Monday (27 June 16) at abt 4pm plus…recd her PM saying that she cant cont the tiffin for this whole week due to having some problem and will try to find cash to refund us back. We have been texting her post on her FB ac but she went silence /MIA..the best is she read all our PM as we can see when is her last seen timing in the messenger.

Her FB AC was known as Tiffin Story before the fraud case but now she changed it to Mak Jah.

I urge the Public, families, relatives and Friends…PLS SHARE THIS POST ACROSS the whole Singapore so that whoever know this Mak Jah can hand over this post to her and alert us how she can be contacted before she go missing or changed her profile name or block us.

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