I urge my fellow Singaporean friends to look out for what is happening in the aftermath of Brexit.

This is probably exactly what would happen when the opposition takes over PAP. Lee Hsien Loong resigns, lots of uncertainty, you have all these possible leaders that will take over that look strange and weird, the economy crashes, tens of thousands of people lose their jobs and will be unemployed for months or even years, people in the opposite camp will laugh at your demise and say ‘THIS IS WHAT YOU VOTED FOR!! SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING!! :D’

But afterwards what happens? Decades of innovation and economic prosperity that we haven’t even imagined, and with the technology we have now, it’s going to be far greater than ever before. History has shown that, and I challenge anyone to find a moment in history that defies it

Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that if PAP loses power, Singapore will go into ruins, which he’s right, but what he doesn’t understand is the huge pay-off for that will happen after those momentary few years of suffering.

If we liberate Singapore from dictators like how Britain liberated themselves from the EU, there will be a momentary amount of suffering, that’s what Chee Soon Juan 徐顺全 understands, but being a politician, he doesn’t want to tell you that (Notice how Chee Soon Juan has refrained from talking about Brexit on his Facebook even though he was always a frequent commentator on international politics. I assumed with such a huge leap for freedom and democracy in the world, he would be interested :S)

So when you vote for the opposition in the next elections, be prepared to hear news that your friend lost their job, people don’t have money to feed their family, depression rates rise etc. Is it worth it? I think it is by far, and I hope you do to. If tens of thousands of people momentarily lose their jobs because PAP is overthrown, it will be worth the decades of innovation after, and the freedom of millions now in bondage

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