A Singaporean man named Sazali ( ranted on his Facebook after food smells from a Chinese temple became too unbearable for him and his family. He spotted the food caterer for the temple dinner roasting BBQ pork at the HDB common areas under the kitchen windows where his clothes were hung out to dry. Despite shutting his windows tight, the smell became too unbearable for him to break fast properly during this month of Ramadan.

Below are his Facebook updates in chronological order.

(23 June 2016 6.41PM)

“Can anyone share with me if this is permitted…??!! To roast pork in open & under the kitchen windows where we hang our clothes out to dry..

I dun mean to be rude but The smell now is so nauseating for me…even after i shut tight my windows. Hopefully the other muslims who fast in my block dun feel the same.

I think there is a dinner event going on at the open car park behind my blk.”

(23 June 2016 7.39PM)

“Now am waiting for NEA officers to arrive since 1855hrs approx…the nauseating taste really made me lose appetite to break fast properly…

Then, I just realised they also had roasted at another spot…at residence drop off point…”

(23 June 2016 9.29PM)

“Called up NEA direct & being told that they will refer & report it to the town council as the event is approved by them…so please Ang Mo Kio Town Council, i wonder what ur actions will be.

MUIS, is this ok for us….?? So, battling the smell & nausea, for me assisting the investigations, if any, i went down to take pics for their perusal.

I am not the type of person to go around complaining but roasting pork in the open & directly under my nose (my unit i mean), i think it is disrespecting for us Fasting in this holy month of ours. Now, the stench is stuck in my home affecting me if not others.”

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