Dear ASS Editors,

I am a single mother divorced with 3 kids and am staying in a HDB rental flat. The monthly rental is S$ 138/- and I am also supporting m youngest son who is still studying in ITE. Presently I am working as a Cleaning Supervisor and earning basic monthly salary of S$ 1700/-.after CPF deduction I take home $ 1360/-.

To make ends meet for my daily expenses, monthly payment of bills, monthly food and expenses about $700/- for my youngest son who is still studying, I do overtime which is not every time. A few days ago I received a letter from the Ministry of Finance informing me that I am eligible for GST Voucher worth S$ 300/- which will be deposited into my bank savings account in August 2016. I was very happy and grateful as the extra cash will be of a great help to me.

Yesterday (27/06/2016), I received a telephone call from the HDB Branch Office and I almost had a heart attack when the HDB Officer told me that with effect 1st August 2016 my monthly HDB rental will be increased to $ 322/- which is 200% more increase.

Ever since then I became very depressed and couldn’t eat or sleep worrying how to make ends meet as I am no longer young and healthy to do overtime everyday. Many have advised me that our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is a man with a golden heart and to write to him and he will surely help me as I am in a situation where no one else can help.

I will be writing to PM and hope what many told me about our PM is true. I pray my prayers will be answered and the rental will not be increased so exorbitantly.

Hamidah Wahid
A.S.S. Contributor

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