Dear Editors,

I had posted this email on my facebook and share among all that seen this. In event such incident happens, legal claims will be made against the relevant authorities. Previous emails to the relevant agencies was neglected because all follow guideline blindly and the government simply ignore all our request.

Currently a father of a newborn baby, there is no longer a sufficient sleep of 8hours, it could barely be few hours every night due to baby cries and need to care for the baby. I already find it both physical and mentally challenging when I need to be out whole day working and caring for the little one at night.

However, SAF still requires me to go for RT or IPT because I failed/defaulted last year IPPT.

Due to insufficient sleep, the body is definitely not in the optimal condition to go for hectic physical training. However, SAF insist that I complete the RT. Failure to do so will be charge in martial court. On the other hand, insufficient sleep does not warrant a saf personnel to perform physical training accordingly.

In the event that I attended the RT/IPT and die or suffer serious injury, this post and email will serve as a evidence that SAF do not take human life seriously but only to fulfill their operational requirements. They will charge any personnel who don’t attend RT/IPT. Any other personnel who face the same situation will also have the same guideline like me, because SAF/Gov don’t care.

Did I request for temporary exemption? Yes but they don’t care accordingly to guideline. Must fulfil the operational requirements and of course best unit! I even paid the fine ( missed the closing Last RT window, not because I want to skip purposely but having 2 young babies is no joke) recently when I had mention to them having 2 young babies at home, I am in no way physically fit to go for hectic training. I need rest more than hectic trainjng to keep fit. The SAF simply ignore and insist that requirement must be fulfilled.

How to feel like a singaporean who have a good government when concerns are not addressed? Most fathers or even their wives will be very concern, as their family lives are being compromised.

Singapore Father
A.S.S. Contributor

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