On 2/04/2015, my vehicle was involved in an accident with a SMRT taxi at Upp Bt Timah Rd. There was roadworks on the left and right side of the road. Along a bend, the taxi encroached onto my Lane and it scraped the left front of my vehicle. The taxi was also scraped on the right rear side. It was considered a 50-50 situation as it was a side-swaped. I filed a report and decided to do my own repair as I don’t think I have any chance of claiming against him.

However, the other driver decided to claim against my insurance. My insurance Co AIG decided to accept the claim and proceed to pay for the claims. My NCD of 50% was reduced to 20%. I have told Aig that I do not accept the claims, and wish to contest the claims. But they asked me to discharge them, and engage my own lawyer to do it. The point is, it was a side impact with no evidence who is at fault, how can the insurance company proceed to pay the claim and take away my NCD? Aren’t they supposed to protect us and challenge the claim? So we are supposed to just accept any claims, or if we wanna challenge the claim engage our own lawyer and pay for all the expenses incurred?

Rolland Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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