Dear Editors,

Following the untimely passing of my beloved wife who battled schizophrenia for 44 years, I have tried on countless occasions to secure support; but all my efforts failed. As a result of this l had to struggle for 40 years to care, love and support my wife – as a sole caregiver. It was such a daunting task, that I attempted suicide in 1995.

The pressure of work and family life took a heavy toll on my health and well-being. It was only my faith in God ( I am a born Roman Catholic) and the deep love for my wife that helped me to overcome huge adversities in my life.

Having witnessed first-hand the devastation schizophrenia brought to my wife, I vowed to turn my life around by becoming an author and the very first novel I wrote “Loving a schizophrenic” turned out to become a BESTSELLER. That inspired me to churn out another 29 books, as well as motivated my wife to become an author of 8 successful books.

CDC has volunteers to clean up households, but ignores a cry for help from isolated widower

In the recent issue of the Central Singapore CDC newsletter, Mayor Denise Phua speaks openly of how her volunteers in her district help clean up the homes of the needy. I then wrote to Mayor Phua pleading for this kind of structural support as I live all alone, have cataract problems that will requires eye surgery and am vulnerable to falling down due to weaken knees now at the age of 66.

I had ccied my appeal to the MSF Minster Tan Chuan Jin as well as my MP, Dr Koh Poh Koon in the hope that the much-needed support will be given – if not for anything out of compassion and the welfare of a Singaporean who, even after 2 years, is still grieving over his death

My repeated pleas for support has fallen on deaf years, and I remain isolated, uncared for and I once again falling into depression – all over again.

What is the purpose of MPs, Mayors, Ministers and MPs going to the media and saying that they are supporting the needy when in reality, the support that is needed so badly by some citizens are so selfishly not given?

Raymond Anthony Fernando
A.S.S. Contributor

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