Two year old toddler Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser was viciously abused by his mother and her boyfriend daily for 5 weeks before he succumbed to his injuries and died on 23 November 2015. The toddler was forced to stand as punishment for hours, kicked, slapped and stomped on daily. The couple even forced dried chilli down his throat.

The culprits Zaidah and Zaini Jamari pleaded guilty to causing grievous hurt causing death and for child abuse. They will be sentenced on 5 JUly 2016.

In Court, DPP Claire Poh called the abuse of Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser horrific and inhumane. For instance, once when the toddler fell asleep while being punished, his mother slapped him on the face to wake him up. Daniel fell onto the floor and Zaidah twisted his hands and stomped on them. After which she changed his diapers and forced him to continue standing with hands on his head.

On the day of Daniel’s demise, he endured hours of abuse. When he refused to be fed breakfast, Daniel was slapped and Zaidah stomped on his chest. Afterwards he was forced to stand in his naughty corner.

That evening, after enduring hours of standing, Daniel became weak and his mother seeing this, pinched and slapped him thinking he was pretending. To punish him for pretending, Zaini kicked Daniel in the stomach and forced fed chilli to him.

The toddler hit his head during the abuse and could not be awoken the next morning. Ignoring the boy, their housemates called the ambulance and Daniel was pronounced dead at 9.11am.

Paramedics at the scene questioned why the boy’s little body was filled with bruises. To protect themselves, they lied that Daniel liked to pinch himself and he fell while in the toilet.

They were undisturbed over causing the toddler’s death. After they were questioned by the police over Daniel’s death, they returned home to watch television as though nothing happened.

DPP Poh called for a heavy 9 year jail term and 12 strokes of cane for Zaidah’s boyfriend Zaini due to their absolute lack of remorse.

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