Hello friends, my trial is coming soon in a few weeks and once again, I’m trying to raise money to help with my legal fees.

I spent 2 thousand dollars for court documents and other legal fees while battling 2 charges last year. Now, I’m battling 8 charges and expect a much longer trial, as I intend to bring in witnesses and undergo the cross-examination by the prosecutor. So a conservative estimate of my legal fees this time would be around 15 thousand dollars.

You can donate via my bank account number here: POSB SAVINGS 124-91889-8 (Swift Code: DBSSSGSG)

And I thought I wouldn’t have a paypal option for people to donate from the internet because I’m below 18, but fortunately my mother was kind enough to let me use her paypal account to receive funds, (Paypal: [email protected]) I am very grateful for her help.

Of course I’d like to highlight that if every one of my followers donate just 1 dollar to my bank account, that’s 40 thousand dollars, which is more than enough to fight this legal battle, showing how even the smallest donation from you can really matter.

With these documents and other legal assistance, I hope to be able to reduce my time in jail. Since it is my 2nd time committing the same offence, and since there is now a whopping 6 charges that I’ll be found guilty for for criticising religion, I expect my jail time to be roughly around 2 years. If I’m able to pay for these documents and legal help however, I might be able to reduce my sentence by a few months, which is not a lot in comparison to my total sentence, but it’s still a lot of time nonetheless.

Although it might be extremely baffling to many of my new friends from the west that I could actually be sent to jail for hurting somebody’s feelings, it is true. It happened before last year when I was in jailed for 55 days on the verge of wanting to commit suicide, and it will happen again, and this time, I will be in much longer….

So please, donate as much as you can, and share this post to whoever who might be interested. This is quite a depressing situation, but that’s what happens when you are a free speech martyr. I think I decided to fight this battle for my country because I know that freedom of speech is by far, the most important factor that will topple the singapore government, and free my country from the fear that has plagued us for the past 50 years. I refuse to let myself and my friends feel fear any longer. I know the voice of the people in my country is powerful, and I’m going to try my best to let it be heard, even if it costs my life…
I cannot express how grateful I am for all the support and nice comments I’ve received. Like the Singapore government, I thought that this time when I was arrested, nobody would care, but thanks to great people like Logicked, Dusty and all of you, we proved them wrong, and I’m so glad we did.

I will continue fighting for the rights of the people in my country, for the freedom and happiness of my friends, not only for the millions now in bondage, but for unborn millions to come. Shall we stop this bleeding?

POSB Savings 124-91889-8 (Swift Code: DBSSGSG)
Paypal: [email protected]

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