Dear ASS Editors,

We refer to the post on 16th June 2016 ‘Reebonz charged me high price for non-authentic watch’.

At Reebonz, we take great pride in our reputation as a trusted online ecosystem for buying and selling luxury products. Whether it’s a brand new designer piece or a pre-owned item, all items sold on Reebonz are guaranteed authentic. As an added assurance for pre-owned items, all merchandise is first authenticated and graded by our experienced professionals before it is issued with our Reebonz Atelier Authenticity Card.

With regards to the timepiece purchased by Mandy in question, we would like to clarify that the watch was indeed authentic. However as it has a customised dial and bezel – which was what attracted her to the timepiece in the first place, it is not considered an original by Rolex. Full details of the watch and its customizations have been listed clearly on our site, although this was bought from one of our physical stores and Mandy may not have been aware of how Rolex would define an original piece.

We offer easy returns and refunds at Reebonz – members simply have to return their purchases within 7 days of receiving the item. The exception is for sale merchandise at our Reebonz stores, where we do clarify that all purchases are sold as seen and we do not offer returns and refunds on these items. In this particular instance however, we have made an exception to process the refund for Mandy which has led to some delays as there are several levels of approvals that we needed to obtain. Added to that, delays also occurred on the side of the banks’ cheque processing, which we are unfortunately not in control of.

This was an unfortunate incident and we are sorry that Mandy felt she did not have a positive experience shopping with us. As the leading online luxury retailer in Southeast Asia, we take authenticity and the service we provide very seriously and will continue to strive to provide the best shopping experience for all our customers.

Jolin Ng
On behalf of Reebonz Singapore

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