The government is planning to increase public car park rates for all public car parks, the Straits Times has reported.

The Housing Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority both confirmed with the paper that they are planning to introduce price hikes of both short term and season parking schemes soon.

This follows the latest announcement by the Ministry of National Development and Transport, who said that parking prices should go up in order to bring Singapore’s rates in line with those of other global cities.

The URA said the review is meant to “right-price public car park charges and reduce the gap between the fees charged by private and public carparks”. It is studying the quantum of increase.

The HDB has said that as its car parks have improved over the years, with new amenities such as landscaped decks, electronic parking systems, and lifts, the price hikes should reflect these new improvements.

The last price hikes were made in 2002, 1993 and 1989.

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