Ahhh… the case where I accused my ex-bailor Vincent Law is really starting to bite me, and people now don’t believe the retelling of my attack in Jurong point because of it, I’ll do my best to try to clear things up.

Now in my opinion, whether or not I was wrong in accusing Vincent for molest, is a very subjective issue, and not as definitively wrong as people would like to paint it. Here is the blog post where I narrated the entire 2 week experience I had with Vincent for details. But basically the story goes: Vincent Law a complete stranger, became my bailor, I didn’t want to go back to jail, and was fearful that if I didn’t follow what he said, he would discharge himself as my bailor and I would be sent back to jail. I did not like Vincent, I didn’t like talking to him and having to meet him every single day (which he demanded), and every time I expressed reluctance to follow Vincent’s instructions (meet his family, meet him for breakfast, talk to him etc.) he would threaten to discharge himself as my bailor, and said that if I did not listen to him, I would be sent back to jail.

And so I was compelled to listen to him, and therefore had to experience from him 2 weeks of… the best way I can put it, borderline emotional abuse. And really if you look at the details of this incident, there is absolutely no exaggeration from using those terms.

There was even hard evidence of messages sent by Vincent to me (Also in the blog post) that clearly indicated he was not the kind-hearted person who sacrificed his time and reputation to help me in my time of need, that TheOnlineCitizen painted him out to be. Furthermore, many incidents of my experiences, even linked with with direct quotes that Vincent gave while he was my bailor.

But maybe, giving him the benefit of the doubt, Vincent really did care about me, and had the best intentions in his heart to try to prevent me from being sent to jail by becoming my bailor, and just wanted to provide the emotional support needed for a 17-year-old who was young and was already experiencing an arrest and backlash from the entire country, but it was just his way of providing that emotional support that was misinterpreted by me.

Now, I really would like to think that, but I can’t help but question it, because once I accused him of molest, what did he do? He immediately demanded an apology, and immediately threatened to sue me if I did not comply to that. But when I refused to do so, and instead published a 6000-word expose revealing exactly what happened during the weeks I was with Vincent, the threats he issued to me, and the abuse he had done to me, he became silent.

And so this whole incident poses the question, ‘Does two weeks of an adult emotionally abusing a 17-year-old child, who was already feeling pressure from both his arrest and the public, warrant accusing the adult of molest and having that published by the entire mainstream media?’. Many would think ‘no’, many people I know have said ‘yes’, but most people would just read the StraitsTimes article ‘Amos Yee accuses ex-bailor of molest and then reveals it was a lie to trick the media’, and immediately say I was wrong. You know how horrible that feels? To be misrepresented by the government-run mainstream media like that, and even when I provide evidence, and a 6000 word blog post explaining the situation, nobody believes me.

Those 2 weeks I spent with Vincent as my ex-bailor, was also an extremely traumatizing experience that I’d really like to forget. And my mother, who had witnessed the things that Vincent did to me, knew what I said was true, and was very disturbed by what Vincent did to me. She tried to speak up about it, which is why she became very upset when she gave a statement to Terry Xu, but theonlinecitizen did not run her story, even though they were very receptive in publishing statements made by my mother before.

I do understand though that Terry was a close friend of Vincent, and also had a huge circle of friends that were very disturbed that I accused Vincent of molest, so he might have been flustered and did not know what to do. I however, do not think that’s enough of a reason to cover up bad journalism, which is I was very noticeably angry, and criticised him for it on Facebook, and because of that, I have not been in good terms with him since.

I can tell you, I’ve been slapped, attacked publicly in a mall, sent to prison and sent to a mental institute, but I have to say honestly, those 2 weeks I spent with Vincent Law, I am really not kidding, is the most disturbing experience out of all of them. Which is why when I eventually decided to break the bail and was sent to back to Changi Prison, I actually felt a huge sense of relief.

I want to be as truthful and honest with all of you as possible. If Vincent thinks that any part of the story I told about him was false, I would gladly allow him the chance to write the story of what happened in his perspective, and gladly post his narration of the story here on this Facebook account, so that people might have a more accurate picture of the incident.

I want to clear up all the the misunderstandings between me and Vincent. So I urge all of you, to share this post, and with a clearer idea of the the incident and facts, judge whether you thought I was wrong, and also understand that even though I wrote an entire blog post narrating the trauma I faced during the incident, what I actually experienced in real life, was much worse. I would completely understand if you think that accusing Vincent of molest was still wrong, but I hope that when you come to that opinion, you arrive to it not because of what you read from one article or because you dislike me, but from knowledge of all the facts of the incident, and the truth.

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