A young Singaporean girl was the victim of sexual abuse for over 2 years since 2010. Then on 20 Dec 2012, her abuser, who was her uncle. raped her and caused her to attempt suicide by drinking soap and bleach. She was 14.

Her attempt to kill herself was discovered by her aunt, who instead of sending her to immediately medical care, paid her niece $50 to keep quiet about the abuse and asked her to tell her doctor that she was just having migraines and a bout of vomiting.

The girl’s aunt, 47, was sentenced to 6 months jail yesterday after the court decided that her actions were inexcusable, even if she had done it to try and preserve her marriage. However, the court has allowed her to go on $5,000 bail and to begin her sentence after Hari Raya Puasa.

Her husband, 55, was jailed 20 years last year in October after pleading guilty to sexual assault by penetration and 2 other counts of molest and rape.

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