I use to belief in real love, but today that I was proven wrong.

It all start when I met her at the agency, she was just a simple girl from Manila who was looking for a better life. At first I had no interest at all in her when I first hired her.

Then as time go by we start to understand each other, she told me about her family back home and her siblings. She smile every time she talk about them I was very glad and admired her.

I think around that time we start to develop feeling. We went out without my wife knowledge for six month.

I gave her many things, handphone, money, nice clothes to wear. the problem start when she come back later and later each nite

I confront her about it and she said that she does not know how to face me. i asked her if she has another man outside and then true enough, she showed me msg from a rich angmo bastard who she met at the pub.

I really regret give her the freedom to go out and enjoy life. which employer will give that to their maid these days?

Anyway this romance is finished, I have no choice but to send her back home as it is too heartbreaking to face her every day. Take this as a lesson and warning to all employer… do not let your maid get into your heart, they will take eevrything and break it.

A.S.S. Contributor

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