In another brutal cat killing case at Tampines Street 81, another cat has been found dead at the foot of a HDB block, the third case in the same housing estate in the past 5 weeks.

A passerby who found the badly injured cat called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at 9.40AM, but by the time SPCA officers arrived at the scene at 10.05AM, the cat had already died.

Photos of the cat have been circulated to animals protection groups on Facebook.

SPCA officers queried residents if they had seen anything, but there were no witnesses and the cat’s owner could not be found.

The incident points to the emergence of a second cat killer, as a 25-year-old man has already been arrested on 31 May for allegedly abusing and killing another cat at Block 884, Tampines Street 83.

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