Everything “just works” in Singapore. I remember when I was in India– everything has to be negotiated, everything might fail, you can’t really trust the water, you can’t really trust the food, everything breaks down… Singapore on the other hand is clean, reliable, consistent. You can operate on auto-pilot in Singapore.

The analogy I’d use is.. think back to primary school or kindergarten, and how everything is taken care for you. You just follow your schedules and whatnot. And then you become an adult and life is suddenly so much more complicated and unpredictable.

Well, life in Singapore itself is like “kindergarten” compared to some other parts of the world.

Public transport – its clean, its safe, and its very cheap and reliable compared to the UK. Not to mention you can get virtually everywhere here via bus or MRT.

Safety – as someone else mentioned its great to not have to worry about getting robbed or attacked if you are out and about at 3am. Not only that but even in the UK walking around some areas in broad daylight you can get mugged. You really don’t have to worry about that in SG which is great.

Clean and nice environment – there’s very little litter about, you don’t see things like dumped furniture etc. Plus its very green here, lots of really well maintained parks, lots of trees etc.

The weather – coming from the UK its great to live in a warm environment all the time! Yeah sometimes it can be a bit too hot and sweaty, but being able to relax in the evenings with a cold beer wearing shorts n T-shirt whenever you want is great!

Food – the convenience and variety of food is incredible. There’s so much choice and you can eat a good meal regardless of your budget.

The people – yes I know people moan about the “Stomp” culture and things like that, but I’ve generally found Singaporeans to be very friendly. Everyone keeps themselves to themselves, people on the whole seem to get on well with each other. I very very rarely see arguments or confrontations. Yeah the auntie who pushes on the MRT before everyone has got off, or the guy who wears his massive rucksack on the train during rush hour or annoying. Every country has their fair share of annoying people, but you seem to have less of them here! Or at least thats what it feels like to me.

Other notable things I love about Singapore are – the proximity to other SE Asian countries, the women, the fairly low income tax, the convenience and cheapness of taxis, 100plus and the park connector network.

Its a great place to live, I’d say the positives far out weigh the negatives. And whilst its not perfect, no where is, but the grass isn’t always greener. You guys should be proud and happy to be Singaporean and living in such a great place.

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