According to our reader, the taxi driver who died in a freak accident at Premier Changi South Kiosk/ HQ on 16 June 2016 at around 7pm did not die because he was trying to insert his cash card into a payment IU.

Based on the position of his hand and his head, the man was apparently reaching out towards a cashier with his money when he accidentally dropped his change. He bent down to pick up the change but accidentally stepped on the accelerator, snapping his own head in the process and locking it between the taxi body and car door.

Our reader wonders why all the news reporting has reported the incident differently from how he and other taxi drivers remembered. He believes there is some kind of conspiracy to protect the company against indemnity.

He wrote, “Why must there always be conspiracy theory…??? To protect the Rich that have against the have not??? It always go a certain way in our society that factual informations are always doctored to make everything looks good,” he added. “Hope the Cashier will be still around and not ‘force’ to quit after this incident.”

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