Proof that Jason Chua is NOT the only one behind FAP (Picha Lobang…. hope he didn’t tell the police he is the only one behind FAP!)

In Jason Chua’s lengthy and detailed description of his police investigation ordeal, he said that he went to Cantonment Central Police station for interview on 10 am 17 June 2016. He claimed that he was there 20 minutes earlier.

During whole investigation period, he was asked to switched off his phone and tablet. i.e. there is no way he could do any communication or posting on social media including Facebook. He further wrote that the whole investigation plus “raid” on his two premises were only over by 4 pm that day (17 June).

If we were to believe in Jason Chua’s account, then it would not be possible at all for him to do any posting on FB from 9.40am till 4pm on 17 June. However, on 17 June 2016, during this period of time, there were TWO posts appearing on FAP! One appear on 11.30am and another on 12.41pm!

Thus, we could only conclude that FAP is not run by Jason Chua alone and there is AT LEAST one more person behind FAP! So, is the police to investigate the other person(s) behind FAP?

(Sebastian Lim, are you one of the person(s) behind FAP?… he has answered NO, he is not.)

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