Hello! I am looking for a videographer to help me film my videos.

Job: Do the camera set-up and record me based on my direction. Each recording would take around 1-3h depending on the script.

Location: Singapore

Job requirements: Nothing

Type of videos we shoot: Mostly vlogs, sometimes skits. Topics are similar to the ones Amos has done on his youtube channel ( anti-government, religion, philosophy etcetera. At times the content we shoot will be illegal

Length: The job will be done on a whenever-I-want-to basis, meaning whenever I’m ready to film, I’ll message you to set the earliest date possible to do so. On average I do about a video a week

Credits: You can be credited on the video if you wish, but if you’d like to keep information of you working with me a secret, to prevent any troubles (legal charges, getting fired from work, getting expelled from school etcetera.), I will ensure the work you do for me is kept private.

Benefits: I currently do not have any money to pay you, but you can get work experience by helping Amos Yee make his videos. It’s a very fun-filled experience, very unique and interesting. And if Amos sees talent, he will remember you and possibly in the future, provide you opportunities to help record Amos’ future projects, other Youtuber’s projects, commercials, films etcetera, which can be quite profitable

To get the job: Private message me here and

Tell me you’re interested in getting the job

Show me any work you’ve done(if any) that displays your skills as a videographer

I’ll have a conversation with you on topics like: the job, politics, world views, religion, philosophy etcetera.

The best person based on Amos’ subjective judgement, gets the job

Therefore, I hope to find someone great to take this job as my video’s videographer. We have the opportunity to create something very special and important for the world, so if anyone’s interested, join me

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