29 year-old motorcyclist Mr Muhammad Fazly, and his pillion rider, 27 year-old dental assistant Siti Farina, were riding along the AYE one day when they were viciously knocked down from the side by a silver Toyota Camry.

From the video of the incident, the Camry had slowed down, obviously intentionally, lining itself up beside their motorcycle before taking a sharp swing to the right to slam into them. Mr Fazly and Ms Siti were thrown to the ground on the busy expressway, nearly getting run over in the process, but the Camry had floored its accelerator and made its quick escape.

Mr Fazly sustained injuries to his right leg, while Ms Siti injured her right arm. Mr Fazly, a dispatch driver, had to take 1 week medical leave as he had difficulty walking. His motorcycle was badly damaged in the incident.

A video of the incident, which was uploaded last week, sparked a national manhunt for the potential killer on the loose. The couple, who viewed the footage after the incident, said that they did nothing to the Camry, who started to behave aggressively towards them for no reason.

“We had not done anything to aggravate him and yet he started behaving aggressively towards us.”

Ms Siti also said she came to know about past incidents involving the Camry’s driver, whom she described as “scary”.

Police confirmed today that the driver, a 63-year-old man, has been arrested for committing a rash act causing hurt. He was caught on Friday in relation to the 15 Jun incident shown in the viral video.

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