I’ve never tried this before. I don’t know if this works but desperate situations call for desperate measures. I believe in good karma and have faith that there are good Samaritans out there. The police are not going to help much at all, so we have to take things on our own.

So here goes….

Our engagement ring is missing. It was missing on Friday 17/6/16 from 8:30am to 12pm. Tracing back my steps:

8:30am – 9:11am: Onboard bus 72 from Hougang towards Tampines.
9:12am – 12pm: Amore Fitness, Tampines 1

There are only these two locations where the ring may be lost. The ring was lost together with a Pandora bracelet and both are kept in a black velvet Pandora pouch.

The bracelet is less of my concern as the ring has more significance and importance to us. Our ring is easily and very identifiable as there is only one such design out there. Over more than six months, we spent a lot of time and effort to design our engagement ring from scratch.

It has two crowns at both sides and the vintage trimmings on the band with diamonds; a solitary diamond on top. There is only one such ring as there are engravements of our names “Jonathan Fong & Elicia” and the jeweller’s logo.

The ring holds deep meaning to us and we have tried a lot in these two days to locate it. Thanks to friends and family who have advised and helped, we have:

1. Made a police report
2. Searched my home thrice (and still ongoing)
3. Checked with the Tampines and Yio Chu Kang bus interchange’s Lost and Found twice, left our details
4. Made an online report to Bus and Rail services to report a loss
5. Searched Amore Fitness and checked with their staff
6. Checked with Customer Service at Tampines 1 and left details
7. Searched through Carousell, Gumtree ads for anyone who tried to sell it
8. and more…

The police can’t help much as they can’t classify this as a case of theft. They will not be able to view the CCTVs in the bus to check if I was pickpocketed or dropped it and someone picked it up. They can’t approach pawnshops to track if anyone has tried to sell the ring.

Our hands are tied and one of the last few things we can think of to get our ring back is to share our experience. It has been two days and with each waiting day, our chances of getting it back diminishes. We had to consider for some time before deciding to appeal through Facebook.

We thank you for helping to share this post.

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