This is another video I took of the flood today. You can see the devastation of the flood. Things happened real quickly. Within 10mins, water was rising rapidly.
Thank you to the SBS bus driver uncle [Bus No. 252] who took the wise choice of not driving through [for the safety of everyone]. Uncle kept apologizing to us, but I reassured him that this was not his fault. We should be thanking him instead for looking out for our safety.

Thank you to the SCDF guys who came to check on everyone aboard the bus. One of them [a Malay officer] even lighthearted said this to the uncle when requesting him to wear the safety float vest, “Uncle must be safe ok? 我爱你..” lol!

And to the 2 Bangladeshi who left hurriedly in the flood, wading in the kneed high water because of trying not to miss their 7pm flight.

I was really concerned about their safety, with them carrying their heavy luggage on their shoulders plus some hand carried plastic bags in the heavy downpour.
I wished them well. Hope they are safe and sound, and are on their flight by now.

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