Dear Editor,

I would like to relate an experience which happened to me on my DBS Debit Card as a form of warning to other Singaporeans that our local banks and financial institutions are indeed unreliable and we will have to be on guard ourselves.

I received my DBS statement on 9 Jun 16 stipulating lots of unauthorized deductions for the purchase of itunes which I never did. I immediately called their “customer service hotline” to which a foreign attendant acknowledged a serious breach and glitch but was unsure how to handle this and could only say they are willing to ‘refund’ half the loot. He later retracted the offer and ask me to head down to any DBS branch myself when they reopen tomorrow and ask a manager to settle it. Fed up, I hung up the call as the foreign customer service could obviously offer no tangible nor valuable assistance. I’m starting to suspect if they could be the cause of numerous local security compromises, considering the vast info they have about us.

I then logged onto the SPF electronic site to try and lodge a report but multiple technical faults were further pissing me off and the operator of 999 told me to wait again and again until the site is usable. Queues at NPCs can be quite long given the high crime rates here due to the ever growing population.

I have sent this incident to MAS querying them on how there could be unlawful transactions with a local bank without even the need for an OTP on my mobile? This is very worrying as not only is our economy heading for a downturn, our Civil Service and Security Agencies are slowly but surely heading down this slippery slope of complacency too! #Matilah Singapura

J K Yip
A.S.S. Contributor

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