I know there have been recent stories of reckless taxi drivers who have who
have verbally abused and cussed at both their passengers and other
pedestrians on the road. Before I say my story I would like to clarify that
the incident is not the taxi driver’s fault, but mine and mine alone. Please
do not have any negative mindset towards him.

For discrepancy purposes I will only refer to him as Mr Foo. This morning I
went to meet up with a seller on Carousell to purchase a punching bag from
her. Clearly I did not plan ahead well enough as the punching bag is tall and
hefty. When Mr Foo came around to pick me up, he was very shocked at the size
of it. To give a visual idea on how big the punching bag was, we eventually
had to have part of the bag sticking out of the backseat window.

To make matters worse, it was raining.It was clear that Mr Foo was
disgruntled and agitated while making our way to my house. I have nothing but
gratitude for Mr Foo, as every other taxi driver would have used their right
to just leave me behind. I would just like to say sorry and thank you to Mr
Foo one last time. It was all my fault and next time I will plan to call a
moving van of sorts to help me transport such items.

I would also like to spread a message to those who take taxi services and
may have experienced an unsatisfactory service. Please be patient and
thankful to the taxi drivers here. They are actually doing their best and do
not mean to make your journey’s unpleasant, despite having their
personalities get in the way of it from time to time. Sure there have been
one or two drivers who outright do not care and endanger the live of those on
the road, but most of them mean well. Thank you taxi drivers, for putting up
with us difficult customers, especially those with as equally difficult

A.S.S. Contributor

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