So this just happened last night after watching The Conjuring 2. We came back to the hotel room at about 2:30am. As we were too beat, we decided to nap first. At about 2:45am, Legacy Voronia decided to brush her teeth before continuing her sleep.

After brushing her teeth, she came out of the toilet asking me if I pranked her with a cross drawn on the mirror in the toilet. I was puzzled, as I was resting on the bed all the while and I thought she was trying to prank me.

We then realized that we were not pulling pranks at each other. I then went to the toilet to check out the cross… It was freshly drawn, as I could see water creeping down on one side of the cross, and the stain is still fresh.

I then asked her how that could be me when she was the one standing in front of the mirror all the time. Furthermore, if I were to do that, she would not have miss my presence.

We got out and requested for a change of room. Thankfully, the staff was understanding and acceded to our request immediately. It was 3am when we got to the new room. 3am, the witching hour? Hmmm…

We went back this morning to collect the stuff. The funny thing is that the cross that was drawn on the mirror was gone.

Room that we were in 6115 (New Wing).

Update on 12 June 2016:

The staff at Imperial Hotel was so kind and accommodative. After our room change, we did not encounter anymore weird incidents. This is my first firsthand encounter with paranormal activity and it was certainly hair raising for us. Imperial Hotel is still our first choice during our stay in Miri because of the friendly staff and the location.

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