Dear ASS Editors,

As we all know, all citizens are required to register for the recent singpass 2FA (2 step verification). I had been trying to help my mum who is computer illiterate to register for the new Singpass 2FA.

Not only did the registration failed for both SMS and online web registration, it appeared that my mum’s information on their database had been compromised with an unknown mobile number, as it was displayed when one tries to register online.

What’s worse is, subsequent attempts to contact the customer support of Singpass and (a firm supposedly incharged of 2FA registration website), via phone and online email/form, were totally non-responsive.

Yes, both phone and online email/feedback form, to each of them, 4 methods, came to no avail after several days.

Is this what u called a ‘Smart Nation’ initiative? Its extremely frustrating and appalling that something this basic can fail. And is this what u called customer support at all? So now my mum’s Singpass is no longer working, and I will have to make timeand go down to their office personally to complain to them.

And this, coming right up after the government announced cutting off internet access for civil servants, which has totally nothing to do with online services being opened to hacking.

Welcome to Smart Nation, Singapore Style.

A.S.S. Contributor

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