Malaysians are the new Pinoys and PRCs of Singapore. Unlike Pinoys and PRCs they are more difficult to spot. However they are actually more insidious, cunning and damaging to Singapore as they are very good at gaming the system here to get the best of both worlds often at the expense of the true Singaporeons.

Here is my personal guide on how to spot a Malaysian working and living in Singapore masquerading as a true blue Singaporeans. They do this to be accepted and to reap benefits. Here are some tell-tale signs on how you can still spot them. This is from my own observation. Others may have other traits so please share No malice intended:

1. They are very stingy. When having a group lunch, they will be the last to reach for the pocket and will assume someone else is paying for lunch

2.They mostly drive second hand , multi owners small engine capacity cars, often more than 10 yrs old COE paid model, or a weekend plate car. They will unhappily compare with cost of car ownership with Malaysia and buy cheapest here so they can save to buy a good car back home.

3. They will sing the praises of PAP, be in RCs, CC, Q in the hot sun to pay respects to LKY but when asked where they will like to retire reply “Malaysia Lor. I have house there lah and my family there lah” and many other excuses..

4. When you ask them that since you love Singapore so much,why dont you become a Singapore citizen, they sheepishly laugh and say “What , you think I so stupid ah. I can sell my HDB and open a business in Taiping and buy nice house there. Here? I mati in pigeon hole”

5. They will book their 10 day CNY leave way one year in advance as they need to balek kampong.

5. When they return home to Malaysia for gatherings, they laugh among themselves at Singaporeans for being so stupid and boast about how much money they make in Singapore.

Can bothers and sisters share more traits?

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