After 3 weeks, my attacker has not been arrested, so I am convinced the person who attacked me has been let off scot-free.

The attacker molested and attacked me in a mall, there is clear-cut footage of the attack, the attack has traumatized both my family and I, and yet he is let off scot-free.

Lee Hsien Loong ‘s claim that singaporeans are ‘kind and helpful’, from the attack footage has been proven to be absolute horseshit. I’ve seen singaporeans assist people who faint, but when an assault is happening which could threaten physical harm to them, they do nothing, and instead watch passively from a distance with their phones, and treat an attack as a form of entertainment to provide momentary pleasure to escape the burden of their depressed lives.

And the comments of Singaporeans are even more indicative of the wretched society that encompasses Lee Kuan Yew’s ‘legacy’, with comments like ‘this is what you get for insulting religion’, ‘this is what you get for insulting Lee Kuan Yew, if I were there I would kill you haha’. Apparently to singaporeans, violence is deserved if you mock religion. And the sheer number of these sadistic comments is clear proof that the blood-lust of singaporeans is not representative of just a ‘small number of extremists’.

The People’s Action Party is unjust, corrupt and downright reprehensible, what do you expect from an authoritarian dictatorship. Justice will not be mete out by the corrupt singapore government, so we as citizens must mete out the justice ourselves.

Therefore, please share this post, spread the word, let everyone know how wretched singapore is, and the disgusting society that Lee Kuan Yew has created. A society where exercising free speech is considered more reprehensible than assault, and the people who frighten, issue death threats, and attack the ones who are anti-government, are let off scot free.

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