Narrating the incident of my attack:

In the afternoon, I was in the Jurong Point Mall value store about to buy a coke. While I was browsing, the attacker spotted me. He smiled, fidgeted, mumbled to his girlfriend ‘cheebye’ as he made the gangsterish flip of the hand sign. After that, he pointed a phone at me and I assumed, took my picture.

Though not illegal, I have become increasingly annoyed by these acts ( ). So to combat that, I thought I’d return the favor and see how he would like it with a phone pointed at his face. So I pointed the phone at his face and started recording a video.

Unfortunately, the attacker was not as receptive to people pointing a phone at his face, than when he does it to them. So in retaliation, he decided to step forth and try to take hold of me.

I ran out of the value store as he chased after me. Unfortunately he caught up to me and got hold. He used his entire body with both hands to grab me. I struggled and incessantly shouted ‘help me! Help me! Help me!’ As spectators stared in shock and screamed, but none of them approached to help.

He, assuming that I took a picture of him, told me to ‘delete it’. And he, possibly thinking that taking a picture of someone else non-consensually was illegal, told his girlfriend beside him to call the police. Though if that were the case, one would wonder why the attacker didn’t call the police on himself. One could also wonder if the attacker was retarded.

Fortunately after struggling to escape his hold for 30 seconds, I managed to escape as he became tired. I ran inside NTUC as he chased after me, but zigzagged through the aisles until he eventually lose sight of me. I then stopped recording.

(Footage of the past few paragraphs of the attack here: )

Afterwards, I ran out of NTUC but unfortunately he was waiting for me at the entrance. He chased after me, and caught hold of me once again.

This time, he was determined to not let me escape again, and so tightened the grip of his bodily hold. I once again continued incessantly shouting ‘help me’, ‘help me’, ‘help me’ but did not receive any as more and more singaporeans gathered around the attack, holding up their phones. However, when I struggled and both my attacker and I shifted to their direction, they just turned and started to casually walk away.

His hold was definitely non-consensual, his hands rubbed against my breasts, and when I continued to struggle and try to escape, his hands would occasionally slip onto my ass and penis.

It is therefore without a doubt that the attacker has not only committed an act of assault, but also molest.

My struggling and constant shouts of ‘help me’, continued on for a whole 5 minutes, long enough for his girlfriend to call the police, and pass the phone to the attacker.

The attacker continued holding me with his body and one arm as he talked to the police officer. I heard him say, “Eh! I got Amos Yee. Come and arrest him’, ‘Eh he took a picture of me, arrest him’, but then afterwhile of talking to the police, I then heard him say “Oh, I’m in the wrong?” and at that moment, he released his grip of me. I ran as fast as I could out of the mall and went home.

This is one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I am absolutely traumatized by the experience and after narrating this incident to my mother, she was shocked and right now, fearful for both her safety and mine. I feel that if it were any other person who pointed a camera on the attacker’s face, he would not be so unreceptive. His attack was compelled by the fact that I am Amos Yee, and he probably has a deep-rooted hatred of me. He doesn’t look like a muslim, so he’s probably a Lee Kuan Yew supporter.

It has now been 3 weeks, and the attacker has yet to be arrested, and probably let off completely scot free. This has been an absolutely traumatizing experience, and the failure of the Singapore Police Force to arrest the attacker is possibly a reminder to singaporeans, to show them that this is what you get when you criticize the government. Wretched, absolutely wretched.. But believe me, with every injustice I have faced, every second I spend in jail, and every attack that I receive, my resolve only grows stronger, and my determination to condemn the wretched society that Lee Hsien Loong has created only grows larger. My voice is powerful, and I will not be silenced.

My fellow friends, share this post, spread word of this attack, spread word of this corruption, spread word of this injustice. We will not stand idly by as people who reveal the truth about the government get arrested, have their houses raided, be attacked and be sent to jail. Stand united as one, and together, we will destroy this evil that has plagued us all our lives. Your voice is powerful, let it be heard

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