I would like to warn everyone in the Thai amulet trade to be careful.

This guy Justin cheo has owed my friend a sum of money since last year saying all kind of reasons like ex wife wants him to pay maintenance. Phone bills never pay line got cut off and will have his job affected if his hp line cut off.

My friend being very soft hearted lend him the money. He also took some of my friend amulets to sell and end up money didn’t give back after selling and some amulets which he didn’t sell he still keep.

My friend has been chasing him back for the money and his amulets since January this year till now. Every time he gives a date to return there will be excuse of he is overseas, not working for 2 months or boss never pay his salary.

My friend been giving him chances and let him drag and play his game. He sees that my friend a 60 plus old man soft hearted he keep playing his ways around.

Recently my friend ask him back for the money again warning him if he don’t pay my friend will stomp him. He uses his father in hospital as an excuse and then will say settle it face to face.

End up he being a no guts never turn up and claim my friend threaten him.

We never threatened just want to teach this guy a lesson by posting this up wanting him to know he has to keep his promise when he say he return he got to return. Not cheat and drag an old man money.

There are other victims that suffer the same fate whereby he collected money in advance for amulets he sell or borrow money and then he will block these people and play MIA.

He been using people to sign up phone line for him and when he want to go Thailand claiming he has work assignments there my the other friend has help him $300 as he claimed that since he has no money he will not be able to go work. When he has the money he don’t want to return and will use the money for his China Gf to come Singapore.

Please share this out so that some of his victims who see this will be able to share more

I help my friend ah Koh Hock to post. ..

If this $280 +$350 you don’t want to return,

Tiewgaolei Margorhai
A.S.S. Contributor

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