The chairman of the People's Power Party, Syafarin Sarif has come out to cast doubts on whether the Orlando shootings really took place. 
Syafarin's views are in response to the tragic deaths of 49 people in a crowded gay club in Orlanda, Florida, after a lone gunman engaged in a shooting spree within the club on 12 June. The gunman was shot dead by police. He was subsequently identified as a homosexual Muslim man, Omar Mateen, 29, an American citizen who was born to Afghan parents.
On his Facebook, Syafarin shared a link to a report, which claims the shooting had been staged by "government organizations". 
After making his Facebook post, he also shared a YouTube video and wrote this comment: "Syarikat (Amerika) yang menipu tak sudah-sudah." (Trans: American companies always cheating.")
Some time later, he also shared another Facebook post by Ghandi Vwich, which again cast doubts on whether the shooting actually took place. Syafarin also made the following comments in this post:
""Aloha Snack Bar!"
Good one. Showed sensitivity in a land where tremendous resources and effort are channelled to make groups hate and ultimately fight one another.
Such scrunity and effort to see through the lies and deception because the "CSI" perhaps just could not believe the stale template is being employed yet again. This "report" beats the standard CSI on false flags.
Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures/CSI. For every action (false flags), the reaction (CSI) is fast and furious (lately).
Citizens are getting too smart, too educated and too questioning. Military rule is but necessary. They are asking for it."
To top it all off, he finished by sharing another Facebook post by Akemy Ben Mandy, who suggested that the tragedy was fake, and wrote: “Nak menipu pun, bijaklah sedikit. Omputeh ni pun.” (Trans: If you want to lie, at least be smart about it.)

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