Not trying to be a social justice warrior here but I cannot ignore this. Some school camp just dumped all these food at Biz 2, outside Bizad club room. The canteen cleaner uncle told me it was worth almost $300 but students from the camp didn’t collect them.

I’m simply appalled at the blatant food wastage. If your campers didn’t want to take them for whatever reason, there are many people who will be willing to receive the food. There are construction workers across various sites on the campus, cleaner aunties and uncles and the security guards whom you could have donated the food to.

But no, you guys didn’t bother with that. You guys just conveniently dumped all of the food at the same recycling bins and didn’t even distribute them across other trash collection points. So on top of the food wastage you guys committed, now the school cleaners will also have to clean up all this ⁣obscene mess for you. You guys are just great people.


Communications Secretary of NUS Bizad Club replies!!

Vincent Lum Dear Sir/Mdm, I am Vincent, the Communications Secretary of NUS Bizad Club. I understand your concerns regarding food wastage, and our club does not condone such unethical practices as well. I would like to inform everyone that the mess in the picture above was not created by any camp organised by NUS Bizad Club.

While I believe that the intention of your post was to voice out your unhappiness over the mess and food wastage, this picture and your caption does seem to give off the wrong impression of NUS Bizad Club. Our students and seniors have worked hard to build a strong reputation for NUS Business School, and we do not wish to have it tarnished by this post.

I would like to remind everyone that NUS Business School is a shared area, and students from other faculties or external vendors may use the space for their camps or events. Hence, please do not assume that NUS Business students are the ones who did it. Instead of posting this to the public anonymously, you could have reported this issue to our relevant school authorities. This will better allow the school to investigate and find the culprits.

If you, the author of this post, would like further clarification/proof, please contact us by sending us an e-mail at [email protected], or send us a message through our Facebook page ( We are more than willing to help you with this matter. Thank you for your understanding.

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